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Absolute Underground has been covering and supporting the underground music scene since 2004. Originally focused solely on Punk, Hardcore & Metal bands, AU has expanded to cover a broad range of bands and topics over the years. Providing reviews on new album releases, artists & art shows, skateboard contests, cannabis events, horror movies, burlesque shows, zombie walks, tattoo artists & shops, comic book creators, and music festivals.

Absolute Underground Magazine continues to be published bi-monthly, six times per year, distributing free issues across Canada and at special events in the United States and Europe.

Magazines are distributed in record stores, skate shops, tattoo studios, bars & music venues, head shops, comic & book stores, surf shops, colleges & universities, restaurants and more.

Starting as a 16 page black and white ‘zine, Absolute Underground has become a 100 page colour magazine to be reckoned with. You will find everything wicked you are looking for here including featured articles like Absolute Horror, Ink Slingers, Shred Session, Powder Seekers, Artist Profiles, VHS Zone, Comic Book Icons, DNR by Demonika, Brewing 101, Blast From The Past, Absolute Metal, Pure Punk, Cannabis Corner, Comic-Geddon, Voice of the Streets, Beneath the Wheel, The Invisible Orange, and Splatter Gods.

Featured interviews from record labels like Stomp, Pirates Press, Supreme Echo, Bent Window, and Wrecking Crew. Plus we focus on underground bands across Canada with our localized sections; Victoria’s Locals Only, Vancouver Vengeance, Shr-Edmonton, Calgary Carnage, Regina Rager, Saskatomb, Wretched Winnipeg, Ham Jammers, Niagara Falls To The Wall, Ottawa Onslaught, Toronto Trash, and Montreal Massacre.

With over 100 issues published so far, our mission is to be the last print mag standing.

Welcome to the Underground!

Album release date Friday, December 2, 2022 at blindmarc.Bandcamp.com

Ira Hunter

Absolute Underground Magazine Issue 108

Our monster-sized Halloween Issue! 100 pages! A new world’s record for us. Featuring killer cover art by Forbidden Dimension’s Tom Bagley. Interviews with Sleepaway Camp’s Felissa Rose, Scary Movie’s Dave Sheridan, Trick ‘r Treat’s sinister Sam actor Quinn Lord. Plus get ready to explore the Roots of the Swamp Thing as well as Clive Barker’s Dark Worlds.

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John Warnock

DAFA Club 3rd Anniversary Party

The big, shitty baby has finally turned three, and on this occasion, it has presented a diarrhea-filled diaper of bands representing the best Tianjin has to offer

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John Warnock

Zimmers Hole Live

Zimmers Hole Live on Absolute Underground TV , Clips from the live show in Victoria BC, Canada to wet your appetite and panties for more.

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John Warnock

AUTV Season 5 Episode 1

AUTV Season 5 Episode 1, The Metal Meltdown with DJ Zang, a special piece about the Langford Skate park. Then our WSSF 72hr film fest entry and more…

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John Warnock

AUTV Season 4 Episode 12

AUTV Season 4 Episode 12, Welcome new host Jeff Custi. We have a double shot of bands with Less Than Jake and Death By Stereo, Artist Keith Pinel and more…

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