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Rising Scum Comp Vol. 1

We’re excited to bring you the “Rising Scum Comp Vol. 1” compilation CD featuring the following artists;

Alcoholic White Trash

Brady’s Problem

Class of 1984

Keg Killers

Lesbian Fist Magnet

Mutated Earthlings

The Stockers

I Suck at Life by The Role Models

TOO LOUD, TOO DRUNK, TOO FAST, or at least that’s what she said. We’re THE ROLE MODELS, a punk rock band from Victoria, BC on the west coast of Canada.
Rock and roll with a bad attitude played way too fast, after a couple beers, with a lot of distortion, a black eye, a rowdy crowd, an empty wallet, and a smile on your face. In other words PUNK ROCK!! Cheers and hope ya like it!

Released 2013
Country: Canada
Victoria, British Columbia
Genre: Punk Rock

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1. I Can’t Concentrate
2. Hard Week
3. Live Free
4. Masturbation
5. In The Mirror
6. Addiction
7. Loud
8. Disconnected
9. Remember Me
10. I Want To Be A Zombie

The Stockers!

The Stockers!
Their first LP in the studio, recorded in November and December of 2010 and released July 2011. They said it was a blast to make and a huge learning experience. Plus there’s a few bonus tracks when you buy the whole album. Enjoy!

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released July 21, 2012

Released on Absolute Underground Records
Recorded by Hayden Cyr at Mind Yourself Music
Mastered by Joby Baker

The Band

Vocals: Jeff Cust
Guitar: Wizzie
Bass: Bryan Wilde
Drums: Matty Bowman
Drums on record: Pete Millar

A1 Bad Motherfucker
A2 Hollywood Runway
A3 Coupe De Thrill
A4 Gone
B1 Dragstrip Baby
B2 Bsa
B3 Kickstart A Riot
B4 Weekend
B5 El Choner

Love Thy Beaver: Canadians Doing Canadians

Co-Release Compilation featuring Canadian bands covering songs from other Canadian artists as well as original songs by the performing bands.

Labels: Stiff Hombre Records, Bullitt Records, Absolute Underground Records

Released: 2012

Recorded At – Mindyourself Music Studios, Canada
Recorded At – House Of Payne
Artwork By – Dustin Schwam, John Warnock
Producer – Jeff Custeau, Will Dziadyk
Producer, Recorded By – Adam Payne (3), Hayden Cyr

1. Kentucky Womanizer– Echo Beach
Written By – Martha And The Muffins

2. The Hoosegow– Cannibal Café
Written By – SNFU

3. The Stockers!– New Breed
Written By – The Mods (10)

4. Gypsy Hacks & The Insomniacs– Voodoo BBQ
Written By – Deja Voodoo (3)

5. Class Of 1984 (2)– Fuck You
Written By – The Subhumans

6. The Role Models– Painted Ladies
Written By – Ian Thomas (2)

7. The Hoosegow– Tabloid Shooter
Written By – The Hoosegow

8. Left Pocket Dead– Doesn’t Really Matter
Written By – Platinum Blonde

9. Class Of 1984 (2)– Skaters Life
Written By – Beyond Possession

10. The Role Models– Loud
Written By – The Role Models

11. Left Pocket Dead– Out Of Luck
Written By – The Pointed Sticks

12. The Stockers!– Steel City
Written By – The Stockers!

13. Kentucky Womanizer– Get Down Get On It
Written By – Kentucky Womanizer

14. Gypsy Hacks & The Insomniacs– Clotting Blood
Written By – Gypsy Hacks & The Insomniacs

15. The Role Models– Raise A Little Hell
Written By – Trooper (4)

16. Left Pocket Dead– Control Alt Delete
Written By – Left Pocket Dead

17. Class Of 1984 (2)– Fall Down
Written By – Class Of 1984 (2)

18. The Stockers!– Top Down
Written By – Teenage Head

19. Kentucky Womanizer– High School Confidential
Written By – Rough Trade

20. Gypsy Hacks & The Insomniacs– Iodine
Written By – Leonard Cohen

Left Pocket Dead by Left Pocket Dead

The first full length album from Victoria, BC’s Left Pocket Dead. 13 hard hitting tracks, mixing hardcore, punk, and metal.

Released February 18, 2012

LPD is: Mike – Bass/Vocals, Byron – Drums, Jeff – Guitar, Matt – Guitar, Jym – Vocals.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mike Hall at Last resort, Victoria, BC, in the spring/summer of 2011.
Guest Vocals on “Pat on the Back” by Andrea Martin.
All Songs written by LPD except lyrics for “Air Compressor Nightmare”, by Benjamin Schottle.

Listen or buy on Bandcamp

1. Scarred Secrets
2. The Be(a)st Is Yet To Come
3. Repeat Course
4. Every Minute
5. Committee Of One
6. Pat On The Back
7. Come In, Come In, Over
8. Popular Avoidance
9. Held On Reserve
10. It’s All Relative
11. Air Compressor Nightmare
12. Thanks For Coming Out
13. Desktop Image

Lust Boys – Tall Glasses & Short Skirts

Tall Glasses and Short Skirts” is a wickedly explicit and shamelessly enjoyable musical ride, and played from start to finish, this album would make a great rowdy party soundtrack.
Released: 2012

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Note: unfortunately, Lust Boys disbanded in early 2014. We wish the members all luck and happiness in their future endeavours.

1. Whitetrash Superstar
2. Black Lightning
3. Moment Of Madness
4. This Love
5. Hard On Love
6. Public Washroom
7. Garden City
8. Born To Lose Blues
9. Paradise Design
10. Leather N Boots

Lesbian Fist Magnet by Lesbian Fist Magnet

LESBIAN FIST MAGNET started after an epic fight one evening and became a tale of renowned glory and as result, being “banned” from the bar. One fine night, after an abomination of a show with AWT and the Dayglo Abortions, Murray said “you guys should become the Lesbian Fist Magnets. And so after a year of tasteless jokes, Lesbian Fist Magnet finally became a reality. The band describes their music as ‘In your face, toilet rock’ or ‘Gnar Rock’. Hailing from Victoria LFM has made a tremendous mark in the West coast music scene in the past few years opening up for every big act that comes this way(Zimmers Hole, SNFU, Power Clown, among many others). 

Released 2012
Country: Canada
Victoria, British Columbia
Genre: Punk Rock

Ange Trash (vocals), Hoon “Trout Mouth” Trash (bass), G-Money “Euro Boy” Trash (guitar), Gino (guitar), Brains (drums)

Stream the Album

1. Tastes Like Armageddon
2. Natural Born Swillers
3. Lesbian Fist Magnet
4. Cat Fucker
5. Slam
6. Mexicali
7. Retard Of Pigs
8. Fuckin Jaks
9. Rape The Rapist
10. Thanks But I Got My Own Applause


The Frostbacks: A great Canadian-winter themed hoser punk band. They are influenced by bands liek the Forgotten Rebels, Subhumans and Dayglo Abortions and SNFU.

BLIND MARC (Drums), WILLY JAK (Lead Guitar), HARLEY (Vocals), MERLIN (Guitar), LOST JONNY (Bass)

Released 2011
Country: Canada
Victoria, British Columbia
Genre: Punk Rock

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1. 01 Head’n South
2. The Hot Month
3. Club The Seals (Oust The Britt
4. One Night With Tamara
5. That’s My Cup
6. Ode To Stubby
7. White Out
8. American Invasion
9. I Hate The Bloody Queen
10. Give Your Tuque A Spin
11. Kill The Prime Minister Of America
12. Ogopogo
13. Blue Skidoo
14. Takin’s Back Maine

Reborn Alcoholics by Alcoholic White Trash

Reborn Alcoholics by Alcoholic White Trash
Released May 1, 2010
Country: Canada
Victoria, British Columbia
Genre: Punk Rock

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1. Backed In A Corner
2. Fumble
3. Gulag
4. Huderite Stud
5. Operation Flaven Maven
6. Cheescake
7. It’s Going For 80 Like 90
8. Sneeze Attack
9. Special Kay Street
10. Reborn Alcoholic

March Of The Inquisitors by Archon Legion

March Of The Inquisitors by Archon Legion
Released: Apr 27, 2008
Country: Canada
Genre: Rock
Style: Melodic Death Metal, Thrash

Stream the Album

1. Kalma Marssia
2. Left To Rot
3. Ancestral Vengeance
4. Battle Ride
5. March Of The Inquisitors
6. Slaughter Is The Best Medicine
7. Between Flesh And Steel
8. Primal Empire
9. Dragonlords Of Fire

Bass – Dylan Joy
Drums – Nick Rees
Guitar, Vocals – Andrew Saunders (3), Grant Truesdell
Mixed By – Mike Hall (22)
Producer, Recorded By – Scott Henderson