About Absolute Underground

ABSOLUTE UNDERGROUND MAGAZINE is published six times a year (or a close proximity) by Hidden Forces Publishing. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written consent of the publisher. Editorial contributions are more than welcome, only if they are being offered exclusively to ABSOLUTE UNDERGROUND MAGAZINE.

The Crew

Editor-In-Chief – Ira Hunter
Art Director – Chad Persley
Sound Engineer- Willy Jak
Music Editor – Willow Gamberg

Ad Design – Mark Pye, Amanda Lawrence,
John Warnock, Clayton Hall, Jake Warren,

Photo Collages / DNR Bookshelf – Demonika
Office Manager – Dan Johannessen
Web Masters – Danny Deane, JohnWarnock

COVER DESIGN – Chadsolute

Writers – Ira Hunter, Willow Gamberg, Dan Potter, Ed Sum,
Vince D’Amato, Esther Wurley, Chuck Andrews, Jason Flower,
Julia Veintrop, Dustin Jak, Clark Mantei, Jason Lamb,
Erik Lindholm, Jon Asher, Chad Otterstrom, Andy Wright,
Grayson Caligari, Amanda Lawrence, Randall Steffes, J Leblanc,
Claude Montreuil, Billy Hopeless, Michael Cushing, Demonika,
Ryan Dyer, Dustin Wiebe, John Carlow, Pat Fabrick, Doug Smart,
Steve Bailey, Roger the Shrubber, Brydon Parker,
Ty Stranglehold, Peter Lipskis,

Photographers – Colin Smith, Jasmine Hex, Scott Fraser,
John Carlow Finding Charlotte Photography, Darren Ho,
Deborah Lawrence, Phaelen Kuehne, David Jacklin, Ari Mansell,
David Jackson, Crazy Robdog, Ira Hunter, Dave Best,
Brydon Parker, Larry Rostant, Jason Thiry, Brooky Jay,
Shimona Henry, Dana Zuk, Danika Zandboer, Clark Mantei,
Stefano Di Noi, Jason Cook, Peder Bergstrand, Ryan Dyer,
Amanda Lawrence, Marty Perez, Tallee Savage

Comic Artists – Danziggy by Gareth Gaudin
Coffeetration by Dick Kaupf
Additional Art: Robin Thompson, Randy Chaos, Ricky Jak,
Mark Lehtimki, Tim Canepa,
Crossword – Paul Gott
Transcription – Erik Lindholm, Aeryn Shrapnel, Tara
Zamalynski, Amanda Lawrence, Stevinator,
Logo Design – Dirty Donny

Distribution –
Vancouver – Amber Lamoureux, Leif Brooke, Jesse Brint,
Manly Mark, Stiff Josh, Michelle Everaert, Robin Thompson,
Whistler – Brydon Parker, Black Ohm Robin
Victoria/Vancouver Island – Big Rick, Cabby Craig, Hippy
Dave, DJ, Jesus, Lackie, Champs of Hell Dan, Langford Rob,
Karly Sue, Krissi-Steele , Jeff Martin, Carrie Carebear, Ted Barsby,
Kevin Close, my Mom, Brydon Parker, John Warnock,
Calgary – Chad Persley
Edmonton – Rich Bastard
Winnipeg – Jamie Vertigo, South of Heaven Tattoo
Saskatoon – Keith Corbett, Wes Funk
Lethbridge/Medicine Hat – Jeff VandenElzen
Toronto – Glen Dirty Bird, John Di Marco, CJ Sleez, Andrew
MacDonald Stewart, Eric Coucke,
Montreal – Jon Asher, Shawn Central

Published by Ira Hunter

Absolute Underground
PO Box 48076, Victoria, BC V8Z 7H5

A 3 minute mini documentary on Canadian Punk/Metal magazine Absolute Underground. Made as an Applied Communications Program college project. Directed and filmed by “The good intern.”

Watch it now, or say your fucking prayers!