Reviews: When All You Need is The Russian Made Plan 9 From Aliexpress

From Russia with Love is Diana Galimzyanova's Plan 9 From Aliexpress. Is it a fan film or something more wildly surreal?

Plan 9 From AliexpressWhen I heard about the Russian-made experimental film titled Plan 9 from Aliexpress, I couldn’t help but wonder if it’s a parody of the online Chinese retail giant. Instead, it’s a very absurdist cum fantasy I’m sure fans of Monty Python would love. According to seasoned filmmaker Diana Galimzyanova, her work is a trash comedy, and it contains some dark elements to it. In the official story synopsis: “When an unstable Gothic Princess (alternatively played by Ekaterina Dar, Elizaveta Shulyak and Lilit Karapetyan) wants to kill herself Prince Charming (Anton Medov) steals her rope, she must find him to get her rope back and commit suicide.”

And when she can’t locate this lad, that’s when she meets a baffling list of not so normal fantastical creatures. Some of them help her, and others try to hinder this lass’ efforts. One of which is a zombie unicorn! These beasts are not meant to be CGI perfect or look real. Instead, it’s like this filmmaker got Moscow’s cosplayers together, gave them a budget to spend on their costumes, and then display their efforts for all to see. When half the film involves them doing little creative skits on an outdoor stage, I couldn’t help but think they’re buskers.

The best part of this experimental work is that she also shows how well she knows the history of cinema. The way this work trapezes through the eras, ranging from the classic silent film to modern is rather wicked, and when they come complete with an age-appropriate soundtrack, I couldn’t help but want to swing to the ragtime scores as well. But the best part includes how all this transitions to acknowledging the video-game world as well. That’s because there are a few Street Fighter type moments to go with the presentation.

Galimzyanova’s film is very DIY, and is intentionally made to resemble a fan film. I’m fairly sure half the equipment is what one can rent from a film society, and along with a few iphones and other high tech gadgets, what’s made goes beyond what one would watch from a sketch comedy show. When compared to her really artistic works, this one is different. And to be fair, it’s best to check out her versitility with the shorts that’s on her YouTube page at and as for what she has in store next, it’s best to follow her on social media, like at



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