Reviews: It’s a Bloody Good Time with Frank and Zed

Frank and Zed is Jesse Blanchard's debut feature film at the Fantasia Film Festival 2021

Jesse Blanchard must be gushing with his movie, Frank and Zed playing at Fantasia Film Festival 2021. There’s a gleeful abandon to be found in this work, and his studio Puppetcore is an operation where people are allowed to be creative. If the craxy bloodbath seen in this work is any indication, the love for gore is everywhere. The copious amounts of blood used will certainly cement this film into a special cult category all its own.

The people behind this film must have had fun creating this movie, as it really gets crazy with the effects offered in this movie about a Frankenstein monster and a ghoul. Technically, the latter is a zombie. All this over the top massacre is the orgy of destruction to which the villagers fear coming. This film wastes no time in explaining the situation in the beginning act and the waiting for this moment to happen is certainly worthwhile. Without a proper story, none of the action would be understandable.

Everyone in the kingdom is fearing the day when this bloodbath will happen. The king made the deal with the devil to deal with a demon, and this supernatural force aims to collect. It’s funny to see how the humans are bracing for the moment, but what sells this piece is that we have to love how Frank and Zed stumble into the situation.

If Evil Dead II had a spiritual prequel, I’d say this film is it. The mythos can be reworked enough so that Blanchard’s film is essentially about other Deadites attempting to invade the world. Otherwise, the liberal craziness and insane destruction is similar. Although we don’t have a saviour to close off this film, we can at least relish in the fact our favourite non heroes and their bond somehow survive the carnage.

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Don’t Text Back will be presented with the feature film Bleed With Me (d. Amelia Moses) as part of the Underground section, which was also produced by Mariel Sharp and features special FX by Kaye Adelaide. 
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