Reviews: Lookin for “The Cake Sale in the Sin Bin” and Where to Find It

The Cake Sale in the Sin Bin is a sports rock compilation of four of British Columbia’s punk rock bands coming together to celebrate just that. There’s nothing better than rocking out to these tunes while playing soccer or b-ball. Well, whatever your favourite sport is–in this album’s case Roller Derby–I’m sure we can appropriate the tunes for use for other games.

Over at our self-isolating personal offices, we can’t really socially distance playing hockey. Our illustrious editor-in-chief Ira Hunter loves this sport, but until all is considered safe, we’ll be putting this album to the test elsewhere. Hockey has its specific songs, like Zombie Nation’s Kernkraft 400, but how can we not want to head bang to The Poor Choices, The Tower of Dudes, The Daisy Stranglers and The Hex?

Yes, Roller Derby is a unique world. The music we hear brings out the animal, not the man-imal in us.  With different play styles ranging from good ol’ garage to accordion to “trunk” and death, it’s tough to say which one of the four songs offered stands out. It’s not fair as each band offered a tune each. They all celebrate the Skate-O-Rama theme (respectively) “Roller Girl,” “Derby Darling,” “Don’t Hate,” and “Upsey-Crazy.”

If I had to choose, I’m leading on the Tower of Dudes lest they topple. Okay, terrible joke–but The Hex can certainly smash it and their song closes off this maxi-mini single release well.

To find this album, please visit (in Victoria) Ditch Records, Vinyl Envy and Cavity Curiosity Shop. In Nanaimo, please hit up Fascinating Rhythm!

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