Reviews: Weep Me Not in My Soul to Take

For the most part, My Soul to Take is basically a regurgitation of the Nightmare on Elm Street series.

Soul to Take Poster

Soul to Take PosterMany opportunities are missed in Wes Craven’s latest, My Soul to Take. And for some, the money paid for this film is what some aficionados of terror will want back.
But for anyone willing to sit through the atypical coming-of-age story set in high school with a killer waiting in the wings, Craven gets creative with some interesting storytelling elements—like incorporating the classic rhyme, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, and taking the Native American Indian legends of the Condor and Crow to heart.
Aside from receiving an explanation from Andy (Max Thierlot) and Alex (John Magaro) explaining the legend, this film could’ve gone in another direction if it focused on the power of the myth than another revenge tale.For the most part, My Soul to Take is basically a regurgitation of the Nightmare on Elm Street series, complete with a wannabe, The Ripper, trying to be the next scream king. He can’t even compare to the Ghostface Killer.

Sadly, there’s not enough here to let audiences care about the seven teenagers as they commemorate the mystique of the Ripper. With blood expected to spill during the film, the only thing different about this one is that the nightmare world has expanded to include nearly an entire township sitting by a river.

Too bad that village didn’t get flooded. That would end the story fast.


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