Reviews: Who’s the Cat and Mouse in Sicario? A Movie Review

Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) in thrust into a cartel world after a drug bust gone wrong. What she’s exposed to is subterfuge and double-dealings.

There’s a nerdy connection in the movie Sicario that fans of Marvel Entertainment will like. They will get to see just how wonderfully talented Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro are. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they play Thanos and The Collector. In the movie made universe of the Sicario, where the cartel wars in Mexico are explored, they are special agents Matt Graver and Alejandro attempting to control the situation. But just how well will they succeed? Both of whom have secret motives that’s subtly explored, and these actors are not alone in this tiny club. Jon Bernthal plays The Punisher in Netflix’s Daredevil.

When Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) gets thrust into this world after a drug bust. just what she is after is uncertain. She’s the real lead in this film, and the world she’s exposed to is mostly that of subterfuge and double-dealings. In what she discovers is more than just a cat and mouse game of who will gain control. It’s hard to tell if she’s simply just a pawn. She wants to be a champion for a cause, but there are learning pains before she realizes what’s going on.

This heavy drama will leave some viewers stunned. It’s not going to be a film for everyone, but I feel it shows to followers of either Brolin or Del Toro’s work that these two male talents are on top of their A game. Brolin’s laid back attitude makes for some great contrasts in the character he plays here, and Benicio’s  mysteriousness works well to his favour. I have a fondness for his work in The Wolfman, and his silent ferocity is an example of perfect casting. He is the perfect choice to be the Sicario, a word that translates to “Assassin.” Knowing that meaning before the film starts will have viewers realize what the greater story is going to be about. Alejandro is out for blood and it was easily foreshadowed in his introduction.

There’s more to Alejandro that needs to be explored. I was hit with questions as the film was winding down. I have to ask how the family of the Hispanic cop is going to fare since he met a bad end near the end of the film. Alejandro’s mission is not over. When the next story is being planned by director Denis Villeneuve and writer Taylor Sheridan, no one should be surprised that this character is the next Golgo 13. Both characters are certainly suave and mysterious enough.

While the tale is supposed to unfold through the eyes of Macer, just what her importance is to the cartel wars still needs to be explored. She’s kind of like Scully in the early X-Files, an idealistic and young agent who is about to meet Mulder (Graver) for the first time. Just what’s next for her in this war is going to be one huge trial by fire. When considering the tagline for that film was Fight the Future, that’s very apt for what’s next in this war. The Future is very much in question, especially if anything that was done in this film will curtail drug trafficking.

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