Absolute Underground Magazine Issue 115

Absolute Underground 115: Read about 3 Inches of Blood's fierce comeback and explore Canada's badass music scene, where raw talent and unyielding artists thrive.

Absolute Underground Magazine Issue 115

Cranking up the volume for the X-Mas issue of Absolute Underground Magazine issue 115, we’re tearing into the heart of the underground music scene. Leading the charge is the metal titans themselves, 3 Inches of Blood, returning to rip the scene a new one.

Also in this issue of Absolute Underground Magazine Issue 115

3 Inches Of Blood

Victoria’s Locals Only – The Chain


Vancouver Vengeance – Dirty Audio Machine

Shr-Edmonton – Degenerator

Calgary Carnage – Black Pestilence

Artist Profile – Alice Simicich

Montreal Massacre – Disorientation

Toronto Trash – Dirty Bird

Absolute Asia – Disanxian

Ottawa Onslaught – Hatred Reigns

Saskatchewan Slaughter – Exsang

Hellifax – Human Missile Crisis

Crossword By Paul Gott

Brewing 101 – Ace Brewing Company

Stomp RecordsAutogramm


Cannabis Corner – Trugreen Cannabis

Cannabis Corner – Westblvd Cannabis

Powerder Seekers – Ripping The Alps

Powder Seekers – Charles Beckinsale – Part 5

Darkside Releasing – High Octane Horror

Kenny Vs Spenny

Ripcordz Tour Tips – Part 5

Stomp Records – No Waves

Absolute Horror – Sequel Heroes

Ink Slingers – Dylan Panzenboeck

Ink Slingers – Zpusk

Liam Vs The World – Lee Roy Kunz

Visiting The Gnar Shack

Joseph Reitman – Very Bad Santa

Turnbuckle Sandwich – 365 Pro Wrestling

The Cybertronic Spree

Dead Bob

Art – Popular Culture: Your Art Is Showing

Wordburglar – Part 2 

The Convalescence


Outhouse Productions And Records

Syrup Moose Records

Mean Bikini


Voice Of The Streets – Little Barbershop Of Horrors

Blast From The Past – Kissmas

Shred Session – Joe Ledoux

Absolute Metal – Strigampire 

Pirate Press Records – Territories

Lunchmeat – The Cost Of Serious Vhs Collecting

Dnr – Do Not Read – Do Not Resuscitate

Calgary Underground Film Festival – Motorhead


Hopelessly Devoted To You – Punk Rock Pastries

Hopelessly Devoted To You – Home Front


Punk Rock Bbq – Double J Photography

Season Of Mist – Sermon

Absolute Comix

Comicgeddon – Krampus

The Invisible Orange – 2023 Look Back 

Terminal Sessions – Awkward Ac 

Backstage Pass Venue Profile – Little Fernwood 

Fallen Soldiers – Shane Macgowan – Geordie Walker

Fallen Soldiers – Myles Goodwyn – Top Ten Kempner