Absolute Underground Magazine Issue 114

Absolute Underground Magazine Issue 114 Halloween Issue with Electric Frankenstein, John Carpenter, James Jude Courtney Halloween’s new Michael Myers and more ...

Absolute Underground Magazine Issue 114

Inside Absolute Underground Magazine Issue 114

Dive into the spine-tingling depths of terror and nostalgia in our latest Halloween issue, which promises to be an unforgettable journey into the realms of horror. Our macabre festivities are graced by the presence of iconic figures from the world of horror, making this edition a true collector’s gem.

Electric Frankenstein, the electrifying punk-rock band, steps into the darkness with their sinister melodies and blood-curdling lyrics. Their unique fusion of music and horror aesthetics has made them a cherished fixture in the underground horror scene, and they’re ready to unleash their chilling charisma.

John Carpenter, a legendary director known for his mastery in crafting some of the most iconic horror films in history, offers an exclusive insight into his mind. Carpenter’s Halloween franchise birthed the character of Michael Myers, and we’ve got James Jude Courtney, the latest embodiment of the infamous killer, sharing his experiences and the eerie process of becoming the relentless slasher.

For fans of the 1981 slasher classic, My Bloody Valentine, we delve into the film’s gruesome history and its enduring legacy. The chilling narrative behind the film will make you shudder with delight.

Tony Cecere, the fearless stuntman who stepped into the shoes of the iconic Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, divulges the thrills and chills of his daring stunts. His tales from the nightmare-infested dreamscapes are sure to give readers goosebumps.

Goblin’s Claudio Simonetti, a maestro in the world of horror soundtracks, unravels the secrets behind his haunting compositions that have sent shivers down the spines of many. His music has become synonymous with terror, and we explore his journey in bringing fear to life through melodies.

In addition to these titans of horror, we pay tribute to the late Gunnar Hansen, who brought Leatherface to life in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. His memoir, “Chain Saw Confidential,” reveals the behind-the-scenes horrors of this seminal film. Hansen’s legacy in the world of horror endures, and we celebrate his contribution to the genre.

To top it all off, this Halloween issue is adorned with a killer cover art by the renowned Mike Hoffman, whose talent in capturing the essence of horror through his visual artistry is a treat for the eyes.

With spine-tingling tales, exclusive interviews, and a ghastly array of horror aficionados, our Halloween issue is a dark and delicious journey into the heart of the genre. So grab your favorite candy, turn down the lights, and prepare to be terrified and tantalized in equal measure by the chilling stories and ghoulish insights within these pages.

Also in this issue: 

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Vancouver Vengeance – Hyperia

Shr-Edmonton – Display Of Decay

Notorious Nelson – Kill Rats

Calgary Carnage – Buffalo Bud Buster

Montreal Massacre – Massive Scar Era

Ottawa Onslaught – Rockin’ Engine

Stomp Records – Raygun Cowboys

Supreme Echo – As Sheriff

Black Daggers



Screams Of Joy – Punk Rock Photography

Punk Rock Crossword

Brewing 101 – Blacksmith And Brewer – Drunk Animals

Absolute Asia – Cut Lon


CJ Sleez

Terminal Sessions – Skiltskins

Punks In Recovery

Cannabis Corner – Sun Coast Cannabis  

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Powder Seekers – South America Part 3

Stomp Records – Pkew Pkew Pkew

Unearthed Horrors – Halloween Horrors

Darkside Releasing – Kasey Ferguson

Absolute Horror – The Friedkin Connection

Iggy Pop Part 2

Randy’s Cheeseburger Picnic

Bat Sabbath – W.A.S.P.

Liam Vs The World – Campfire Stories


Ripcordz Tour Tips – Part 4

Michael Wilder Part 2 – The Cramps

Passing Pluto

My Bloody Valentine – Peter Cowper 

Grow Up Cannabis Conference

Hopelessly Devoted To You: Goblin – Claudio Simonetti

Great Canadian Beer Festival

Rifflandia 2023 – Mike Muir – Suicidal Tendencies

Rifflandia 2023 Photo Collage

Filmmaker Rolfe Kanefsky

Prophecy Fest

Shred Session – Cortes Island – Sluggo Mini Ramp

Absolute Metal – Dethklok – Brendon Small

Pirates Press Records – Billy Liar 

Lunchmeat – Lucky In Love With Vhs

Coven And Lucifer

Blast From The Past – Robert Plant – Kiss

Absolute Pinball – Tales From The Crypt

Voice Of The Streets – Concrete Grave 


In Crust We Trust Photo Collage

Backstage Pass – Quadra House

Comic Book Icons – Mike Hoffman

Comic-Geddon – 13 Best Horror Comics Of The Year

DNR – Do Not Read – Do No Resuscitate

Fallen Soldiers – Klu Jak – Myka Banned

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