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One of Us - Star Chasers

Live Reviews Friday, 04 June 2021 03:33
One of Us - Star Chasers

One of Us - Star Chasers

March 20, 2021, 20 Years Live House, Tianjin China


It was a night to showcase young heavy talent in China - as brought to you by the team who produces one of the biggest core-infused festivals in China, One of Us. Now in its fourth year, this one-off, entitled Star Chasers, was meant to test the waters for which band might be added to the festival later in the year.

The venue was the 20 Years Live House, which is a long train ride into the western area of Tianjin - not exactly within the inner city. I wouldn’t come here every day for a show, but for a special occasion like this, it was necessary.

Six bands would perform tonight - each being fairly new to the scene. While a few were local, others came from Beijing, Chengdu, Jinan and Shandong.

Up first were Beijing’s Artemis. They were notably the only band of the night to have a female member, and were the lightest of the bunch. Their use of clean, ballad like vocals made the band stand out as one which may actually rise above this metal scene and into the mainstream.

Imprison Heart made the trip from Jinan to play this festival and were warmly greeted by the packed house. The members are a fusion of styles - looking like a mixed bag of subcultures. Together, they create a formidable form of metalcore which was certainly suitable for this type of festival.

Knivesrain made the long trip from Chengdu to play the festival and were the most interesting band of the night for me - their sound is rooted in deathcore but borrows a lot of electronic elements. If those knives were a storm of lightsabers, you’d get a more fitting depiction of their sound.

Local rising starts Iron Throne were up next. In the past six months, they have shed many of their folk metal trappings for a brutal deathcore sound. A new logo, new members and a new mean streak have proved wonders for the band, who put on a boot stomping set which was until that point, the heaviest of the night.

Another local act who did play the One of Us festival last year, The Query, performed next. They have a sizable fan base within Tianjin, and play an impassioned form of metalcore which had the attendees raising their hands and singing along with pride.

The post-modern humor of Shandong’s Sexy Oldguys is beginning to make big waves in the underground grind scene of China. When I saw them before, they were two sexy guys with a drum machine. Now, they were three sexy guys (one wearing a lot of makeup) with a real beat to back the facetious brutality that only a few young dudes who call themselves old can bring.


- Ryan Dyer

Written by  Ira Hunter
Ira Hunter

Ira Hunter

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