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Filthy Party! Rectal Wench, Impure Injection, Globularcyst

Live Reviews Sunday, 11 April 2021 06:11
Filthy Party! Rectal Wench, Impure Injection, Globularcyst

Filthy Party! Rectal Wench, Impure Injection, Globularcyst

April 10, DAFA Club, Tianjin China

By Ryan Dyer


Disciples of gore, grind, smut, porn and all things found in the sex shops or the sewer found their chapel with one of two special concerts put on by Chinese goregrind heroes Rectal Wench to celebrate the release of their new album, Judgment of Whore Labia From the Sewer Throne, out now via Splatter Zombie Records. The dildos and blow up dolls were set up around the bar while a single toilet was set up on stage, ready for the bowel movements to come from the performers who live and breathe this endearingly depraved way of life.

Shows like this have a history in China, with Gore Feasts taking place as early as 2013 - featuring bands like Rectal Wench, along with the now defunct Cave Have Rod, Ready to Die, and The Dark Prison Massacre. Cave Have Rod made it to the Obscene Extreme Festival in the Czech Republic, and the show tonight was like a mini version of the said grind event.

Newcomers Globularcyst were the first to take the toilet-christened stage. This “vomiting pathological goregrind band” have been studying the medical scribes written by Carcass, Disgorge, and Viscera Infest and dressed in doctor’s scrubs and Jig-Ai shirts, were a textbook example of new mutations within the Chinese goregrind scene, being a laxative for the rectal waterfalls to come later in the evening.

If The Dark Prison Massacre are heroes to Tianjin, then surely Impure Injection is the one man grindcore hero to Zibo. Without the extra man power of a drummer or bass player, Mr. Zhenfei Geng showed that just like his records, one man, one mind with enough sick skill is enough to satisfy the brutal needs of a smut-hungry crowd. When needed, audience members, such as a man dressed as a banana and the sexual scream-moans of a female grinder, added to his catchy compositions. His latest EP Gore in the North features a song dedicated to Rectal Wench entitled “Rectal Wench Has No Mandarin Name”, which means Chinese citizens have had to learn a couple of filthy English words to get into the headliners of the Filthy Party.

All three of these bands could very well be hits at the Obscene Extreme Festival, and the set by Rectal Wench very much conveyed the spirit of the festival, with blow up sex dolls, blow up sex aliens (with alien fucker written across their chests) and dildos of all shapes and sizes to be beaten on, thrown about or dry humped by the band and audience members throughout the performance. The band, wearing lucha masks, tore through a 20 song set that included tracks spanning their lengthy career. It really brought out the best in people - the guy dressed in a banana costume peeled himself free of it and the clothes came off entirely for at least one overly enthused audience member. The toilet on stage was like a throne, often sat on as carnage ensued around it. The filthy kingdom had come undone! At the end of the set, after classic tracks “Gore Gore Gore” and “King Anus”, the emperors of the kingdom of feces, Rectal Wench, took a minute to vomit into the porcelain bowl. The scene afterwards was like a crime scene of murdered blow up dolls and aliens, who sadly couldn’t make it to the Filthy Afterparty.

Written by  Ira Hunter
Ira Hunter

Ira Hunter

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