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[Fantasia 2021] The Spine of Night Movie Review

Monday, 23 August 2021 17:44
Published in Movie Reviews

Due to play in theatres Late 2021 (please check local listings)
Coming to Shudder

Tzod (Lucy Lawless, Xena: Warrior Princess) is the latest guardian of the bloom, a flower which does more than protect the user in a very ambitious animated epic fantasy known as The Spine of Night. She wears it proudly instead of donning any other armour (much less clothes) because it bestows untold power and protection. 

After seeking shelter, another resident of the cave, The Guardian (Richard E. Grant, Withnail & I), is inquisitive, and the real stories unfold. This anthology series is certainly a love letter to the 70s animated aesthetic. Ranging from Eiichi Yamamoto's Cleopatra to Heavy Metal the Movie to Ralph Bakashi's Lord of the Rings for narrative and visual style, I'd say the tribute is well done.

[VFF '13] Welcome to the Suicide Shop

Friday, 15 February 2013 21:14
Published in Movie Reviews

Au contraire, despite the dark theme of exploring how human life is disposed of one at a time, the movie Le Magasin des Suicide (Suicide Shop) is not without some charms. The character of Alain (voiced by Kacey Mottet Klein), the son of Mishima (Bernard Alane) and Matilyn Tuvache (Isabelle Giami), is what makes this film. He came bursting into a world full of despair, and he has a much healthier outlook on life than anyone else in his family, or society for that matter. 

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