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Canadian Musician Apricity makes her Comic Book Debut in "The Fear."

Underground News Monday, 23 August 2021 17:52
Canadian Musician Apricity makes her Comic Book Debut in "The Fear."

Canadian Musician Apricity makes her Comic Book Debut in "The Fear."

There’s a new Canadian talent to keep an eye out on, and Apricity is the word. Her love for musical theatre speaks about her style. Her experience of working in front of a camera during her days as a television presenter in Scotland translates well past the MTV generation.

After moving to Canada and meeting Toronto-based Juno-nominated and platinum awarded music producer Thomas McKay, they worked on developing a style and have a brand that works. In an interview by Jenna Melanson for CanadianBeats.ca, she said, “My stage name is taken from an old English word which means 'basking in the winter sun,'” which I thought was very appropriate for a Canadian artist.

To see that McDonald embraced a supernatural style and is inspired by Evanescence says it all. She made her debut last year with the “All My Lies” music video. Its Emily Brontë cum horror design shows she's a very visual artist, and I'm hooked. Her latest, “The Fear,” includes a comic-book teaser which makes me wonder if there’ll be a continuation. It's in the works, and this artist revealed they are aiming for a Halloween 2021 release.

The four-page teaser by Cassandra Kirkwood of Spill the Crows Studio is included in the album release, and it sets up the music video. The moving image furthers the exposition about an apocalypse which has displaced families and lovers. “After searching far and wide in a post-apocalyptic world, I find my companion, Jason, only to discover he is now being used for sport to fight the captured zombies,” Apricity revealed of her multimedia project’s plot.

What we discover is that others have found their loved ones turned into the walking dead, and not everyone's living that happily ever after. A zombie bride also appears, and she looks lost!

The pairing of two terrific artists akin to the Steinman and Meatloaf partnership is solid. We have songs about the heart, rock-and-roll, dreams and breaking free. The themes she explores are part of that goth lifestyle too. We see in her past songs an exploration about death, and the afterlife. 

Considering this latest music video aptly reveals the state of life, perhaps it’s best to handle getting back to normal “One Step at a Time” if we're to believe she's making a statement about the pandemic that's showing no sign of dissipating.

For more information, please visit https://apricitymusic.com/

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Written by  Ed Sum
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