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Punk in Drublic responses from KJ/Chixdiggit! Featured

Underground News Thursday, 20 June 2019 17:02
Punk in Drublic responses from KJ/Chixdiggit!

What was the genesis of the  Punk In Drublic Craft Beer & Music Festival? 

I actually don't know. Fat Mike would know more about that than me.

Anything special planned for your performance at the Canadian Punk In Drublic shows? 

No surprises planned!

Are you a fan of craft beer? What are some of your favorite ones? - I like a brewery out of Edmonton called Sea Change a lot. Outside of that I've sampled a lot of stuff but I don't remember the names at all.

Any hangover cures you can share that work well for you? 

I just drink as much water as I can before I go to bed. This makes me get up to pee in the middle of my sleep. After I pee I drink a little more water and never seem to get a hangover.

What other bands are playing with you that people should be stoked to check out?

Every single band on this tour is great. The entire tour has no bad bands. You never see that at other festivals. I personally vouch for EVERY SINGLE BAND.

There seems to be some cool Canadian punk bands on the bill as well. Do you have any favorite Canadian punk bands form the past?

For sure. Nomeansno, Diodes, Riff Randells, Teenage Head, LI 150's...

What do you like best about Canada, or about playing shows in Canada? 

I like that there’s no customs for us after playing shows in Canada. 

Any extra-intoxicated tales to share from previous Punk In Drublic Craft Beer & Music Festivals?

These will be our first times playing it so, sadly, no. 

Final words for Canadian fans of Punk and Beer?

Pace yourself and get there early! 

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Written by  Ed Sum

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