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Out For A Riff

Underground News Saturday, 12 August 2017 20:55
Out For A Riff

Absolute Underground: Who are we talking to and what are you most infamous for?

Scott Bartlett: My name is Scott Bartlett. I put on one large scale show a year and it is always in August. This will be the fifth year I have worked alongside my best friends Mitch and Taya of Art Signified. I am really good at being organized and I love to spend a lot of time cleaning my house. When I'm not playing guitar in my bands I'm playing the broom at home. It has been named the DOOM BROOM. Help! Mop.

Mitch Ray: I'm Mitch Ray. I help my friends' projects at the expense of my own physical, mental and financial well being. 

Taya Fraser: I'm Taya. I live in a constant existential crisis and by the time you read this will be living in a Van hiding in the woods. I drink.

AU: Tell us about Out For A Riff... what is the origin of this fest? This is the first year in its current form, correct? What are some of the major changes you've made?

TF: My favourite change was dropping the word fest from the name. It's not a fest. It's a BBQ drenched in alcoholism, friendship and heavy music.

MR: After years of putting on Burger Fest and undergoing a change amidst the core organizers we decided to start fresh with a new name and new focus. We wanted the emphasis to be on music rather than food so we shed the word "burger" and Taya came up with the name Out For A Riff. We also didn't want to restrict the event to just burgers, so now the food aspect of it is more of a BBQ with various options to choose from.

AU: Give us a highlight reel of the bands... anyone that you're particularly stoked to see?

SB: I am really stoked to see Weedeater in an outdoor environment. Their live show is insane and will be that much better under the sun. I have yet to see Telekinetic Yeti and Serial Hawk but have spent the last few months rotating them on my stereo. Truthfully, we spent a long time carefully putting this lineup together. The first band goes on at three, and we are encouraging everyone to catch the whole day!

MR: I'm truthfully very stoked to see everyone. I think it's the best lineup I've ever been involved in putting together top to bottom. There isn't a single weak spot, it's just bonafide ripper after bonafide ripper.

TF: I just wanna see Telekinetic Yeti so I can steal their crushing two piece moves for my own band.

AU: Details! Where and when, how do we get tickets, and what do we need to bring with us?

MR: August 26th at the Waldorf parking lot from 2pm until 1am or so. You can buy hard copy tickets at Neptoon Records or either Red Cat location, and you can buy online tickets on the Showpass website.

AU: What can we expect from the festival experience? Besides music, what other sorts of entertainment will be offered at OFAR?

SB: We will have two local food establishments grilling all day long: The Heatley and Disco Cheetah. There will also be a dunk tank to knock down your buddies and also a vending area for the bands and small businesses. Lastly, Eden will have a tent set up for all your smoking and edible needs to keep you going throughout the day.

MR: Food vendors from some of our favourite musician-owned/musician-friendly spots in town, who must be happy to see a lot of the usual hungover, drunk or still awake faces in a setting other than their own establishment.

TF: Strippers.

AU: There are whispers of an afterparty taking place halfway to Hell... can you clear those up for us?

SB: If 12 hours of heavy as fuck music isn't enough for you, we are throwing an after party less than a two minute walk from the Waldorf at a well-known little venue that is often called Half Satan. It will start shortly after the last band at OFAR and go well into the morning. Three bands, it will be sloppy, five bucks at the door with an OFAR wrist band!

MR: Can I see your badge number actually?

TF: There is also a mystical facebook event for it.

AU: As an organizer, what are your hopes for this festival? I know you and your partners have put a lot of work into making this the ideal one-day summer fest... Is everything panning out as you'd hoped?

SB: We hope to see a lot of people come out and support this event. It is not easy putting on outdoor events in Vancouver, hence why you don't see them often. Out For a Riff was designed to bring the heavy music community together for one huge ripping summer party. Life is busy and it can become difficult to get out and see all your buds at the same place and time. OFAR is here to make that happen.

TF: My neighbours are fighting so I'm skipping this question to watch that.

AU: What is your vision for the future of OFAR? Any particular hopes or goals for future installations?

MR: We hope that year one will be the genesis of the undisputed heavy music party of the summer in Vancouver, with our sights set on bigger and better talent each year. We also like what we've done with our focus on local food vendors, merch vendors, beer sponsors and weed sponsors, so I think keeping that local business support going forward will be a cool thing as well.

AU: Wicked poster! Tell us about the artist.

SB: The poster was done by our good friend Alison Lilly. She is an amazing artist and spends most of her time tattooing at Black Rider Tattoo in Hastings Sunrise. Coincidentally I was the first person to get a tattoo by Alison, so that's pretty fucking awesome. We have worked together over the years combining her art with several show posters and designs for some of the bands I have played in. She also has designed logos and album covers for many bands in the Vancouver area. She will have prints for sale at OFAR, so make sure to grab one.

AU: You have a bunch of rad co-conspirators and local sponsors... anyone you'd like to give a shout- out to?

SB: None of this would be possible without the help from co-conspirators and sponsors so a huge THANK YOU SO MUCH goes out to... CVLT Nation, Eden, Pacific Backlot, Good Company Lager, Black Rider Tattoo, Show Pass, The Waldorf Hotel, Disco Cheetah, The Heatley, all the bands and volunteers helping us out, Beatroute, and lastly Absolute Underground! You all rule and we salute you.

TF: All the people Scott mentioned, You have our respect and we owe you our lives.

AU: Any final words for potential attendees?

TF: No Gooves.






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