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Ed Sum

Ed Sum

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From Movie to DVD, Silent Hill: "A Revelation?"

Sunday, 03 February 2013 20:54 Published in Movie Reviews

Popcorn thrill-rides are often the style that most horror-themed movies these days aim for. And with Silent Hill 3D, the adventure is like walking through a fun house of terror. Some theatre-goers may be more inclined to laugh at the scares than get scared. At least with the home video release slated for Feb 12th, they can enjoy watching how the story from the first film influenced the second product.

Puppet Master X

Sunday, 03 February 2013 19:32 Published in Movie Reviews

The Puppet Master series has evolved to become a product totally different from its first few films. Instead of the murderous dolls that many fans loved in the original three movies, now released to Blu-ray in a less than stunning transfer, they are still humanity’s saviors in Puppet Master X: Axis Rising.

Hanna Movie Review

Sunday, 19 June 2011 17:16 Published in Movie Reviews

One part fairy tale and two parts action-thriller, Hanna aims to deliver a simplistic plot Kill Bill style. It asks the question of who’s the big bad wolf, who’s the prey and is grandma even important to this tale? No, this film is not a simple retelling of Red Riding Hood. It certainly has a quality that borrows from folklore. 

My Soul To Take

Sunday, 10 October 2010 10:14 Published in Movie Reviews

Many opportunities are missed in Wes Craven’s latest, My Soul to Take. And for some, the money paid for this film is what some aficionados of terror will want back.

The Crypt

Thursday, 02 December 2010 21:56 Published in Movie Reviews

There’s one famous proverb and that is the dead tell no tales; and if that is true, it follows then that one must tell a story in his stead.

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Friday, 10 September 2010 09:55 Published in Movie Reviews

Two guns, one sword and…a bunch of quarters? That’s all one needs to know in order to enjoy Resident Evil: Afterlife. But don’t expect any added bonuses from the genres it belongs to.

The Last Exorcism

Tuesday, 27 July 2010 09:08 Published in Movie Reviews
The Last Exorcism is reminiscent of what Harry Houndini did after his mother died. He sought to expose the frauds who claimed that they could bring her back so he could talk to her one more time.

Paranormal Activity

Friday, 30 October 2009 23:07 Published in Movie Reviews

With a tell-all title like Paranormal Activity, one would expect Oren Pelia’s debut film to be scary. Instead, it falls short of even being considered a movie one could wet their pants on in fear.

The Trotsky

Tuesday, 27 July 2010 05:08 Published in Movie Reviews
No prior knowledge is required to see The Trotsky. However, if you know anything about this Russian revolutionary, this film is worth seeing for an echo of what this man did.


Thursday, 29 April 2010 03:36 Published in Movie Reviews

Once in a while, when the moon strikes blue, there’ll be a movie that’ll weave a unique world of dark fantasy for audiences to visit. In Ink, that realm is one of daydreams and nightmares.

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