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-Greetings from Canada, eh. Who are we talking to and what are you most famous of infamous for?
Brenna & Robert. Brenna is known for being large marge from Pee Wees big adventure because she is a beast of a driver. She drives about 95% of thetime the road, the van and herself are one. Robert is always grinding away and working on what we are doing next.
-What first got you into Punk Rock?
R: It’s sounds very cliche saying this but I mean it when I say it but what got me into Punk and music in general was the feeling of finally belonging to something when I was growing up. When I had nowhere to turn to music was always there for me so I just hope I can put back what I took out.
-Brief origin of your band.
B: We all knew each other from the OC punk scene and as the band took form and integrated new members we all fell into place pretty naturally. I think I asked Robert to join at a local punk hangout Johnny’s Saloon. 
-Describe your sound for people who have been living in igloos.
B: I read on a tour poster once that we were “Joan Jett with balls” and I rather like that, so I’ll stick to it. 
-What was the genesis of the  Punk In Drublic Craft Beer & Music Festival?
B: Beer is good. Punk is fun. Beer makes punk extra rad. So let’s all get drunk and watch some punk bands. 
-What makes Punk in Drublic such a unique event? What can people expect if they check it out?
B: Its kinda like a giant backyard party with all of your friends and favorite bands. Except for a red cooler full of PBRs and a grill, you have tasty craft beers and delicious food trucks. It’s fucking rad. 
-Anything special planned for your performance at the Canadian Punk In Drublic shows?
R: We may bust out a couple songs we have not played live, we are not 100% sure yet. One thing different from us doing PID this time around compared to last is that people will be seeing one more live member which is our close friend Ken who used to Tour Manage us. For those of your who came out to the last PID you probably saw him play “Karla” with us when Brenna would jump into the crowd. We figured he this sounds great why don’t we add another guitar payer live. It was never really planned but just happened.
-Are you a fan of craft beer? What are some of your favorite ones? 
R: Personally I love the Einstock White Ale.
-Who are some of the breweries involved? Are they mostly Canadian breweries for these dates or are there American breweries as well?
R: We are not so sure who will be there, but we do plan on trying a few.
-I'm assuming there will be some awesome food available as well? Anything people should definitely chow down on at the festival to help soak up the alcohol?
B: Im crossing my fingers they’ll have tator tots. Or potato tacos. Or really anything potato related. 
-Any hangover cures you can share that work well for you?
B: Stay extra hydrated. Then a Bloody Mary next morning. 
-What other bands are playing with you that people should be stoked to check out??
R: Every band on this bill is amazing and different but we are all part of that same punk rock family.
-There seems to be some cool Canadian punk bands on the bill as well. Do you have any favorite Canadian punk bands form the past?
R: Propagandhi, Alexisonfire, The Real Mckenzies, The Flatliners, Old Wives.
-What do you like best about Canada, or about playing shows in Canada?
B: Poutine for days. Plus Canada feels like a second home. 
-Any extra-intoxicated tales to share from previous Punk In Drublic Craft Beer & Music Festivals?
B: Sean and I actually snuck our way into the PID in Huntington Beach and backstage without any tickets. We met Mike for the fist time and he recognized us right away. We ended up drinking free beer backstage the rest of thenight. 
-Anything else you would like to promote?  
B: Our latest video for Believe In ThePoet just came out a few months ago. Check it out here on YouTube 
-Final words for Canadian fans of Punk and Beer?
B: I wanna see all of you dancing and singing along with us! Let’s have all thefun!
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