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PUNK IN DRUBLIC - Interview with Anti-Flag

Thursday, 13 June 2019 19:58
Published in Underground News


AU: Who are we talking to and what are you most famous of infamous for?


My name is Chris 2. I play bass and sing in the band Anti-Flag and consider Mario Lemieux to be the single greatest hockey player of all time. 


AU: What first got you into Punk Rock?


A cousin of mine gave me a cassette with Bad Religion on the A side and a band called Cringer on the B. The rest is history. 


AU: Brief origin of your band.


The band began in 1993. The first record Die For The Government was released in 96. I joined the band end of 98. 21 years later we still make punk records and challenge nationalism, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, fascism and war with every song we write. 


AU: Describe your sound for people who have been living in igloos.


We love The Clash. 


AU: What was the genesis of the  Punk In Drublic Craft Beer & Music Festival?


That’s more of a question for Fat Mike and NOFX. We’re just honored to play any stage in front of any amount of people. 


AU: What makes Punk in Drublic such a unique event? What can people expect if they check it out?  


From the ones we’ve done we know that it’s the confluence of people who hold a specific era of punk rock close to their hearts. We’re on the fringes of that era, but have found ourselves welcomed and are grateful for that. Expect to hear songs that you cut your teeth on. Expect to be surrounded by like minded community and folks from all walks of life, what punk rock should be. 


AU: Anything special planned for your performance at the Canadian Punk In Drublic shows?


We use these shows to go through the entire era of Anti-Flag music. We play songs from our first record to our newest. We’re hopeful to meet new people and celebrate our community with old friends as well. 



AU: I'm assuming there will be some awesome food available as well? Anything people should definitely chow down on at the festival to help soak up the alcohol?


I only care about it if it’s vegan. 


AU: What other bands are playing with you that people should be stoked to check out??


Bad Religion is where it begins and ends.


AU: There seems to be some cool Canadian punk bands on the bill as well. Do you have any favorite Canadian punk bands form the past?


Gob. Marilyn's Vitamins.


AU: What do you like best about Canada, or about playing shows in Canada?


There is a great history with celebrating punk rock. About caring about more than just yourself. That focus on empathy makes the shows feel more important and impactful. 


AU: Any extra-intoxicated tales to share from previous Punk In Drublic Craft Beer & Music Festivals?


People come out to the shows and have fun. We are hopeful that in that they take care if themselves and the others around them. 


AU: Anything else you would like to promote?  


Our last record American Fall came out Nov 2017. We are tremendously proud of the work and are doing our best to share it. 


AU: Final words for Canadian fans of Punk and Beer?


Don’t fight it. Feel it.




AU Vol. 11–3 Issue 63

Wednesday, 01 April 2015 00:00
Published in Volume 11

Absolute Underground #63 -
420 issue featuring an exclusive interview with Marc Emery and a business profile on Victoria's Sacred Herb.

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AU Vol. 2–5 Issue 11

Tuesday, 01 August 2006 23:21
Published in Volume 2
AU Cover - Issue 11Absolute Underground Issue 11

Summer Tour Showdown – We bring you the best of the Unholy Alliance Tour & the Warp Tour. Plus interviews with U.S. Bombs, Sacrifice, Lamb of God and more so go out and grab a copy! And if you live too far or didn’t get to grab an issue you can download it here:

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