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[Fantasia Film Festival 2021] Thou Shall Not Fall in this Finnish Look at "Lost Boys"

Movie Reviews Tuesday, 10 August 2021 18:29
[Fantasia Film Festival 2021] Thou Shall Not Fall in this Finnish Look at "Lost Boys"

Fantasia Film Festival 2021

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Lost Boys is an indirect sequel to Reindeerspotting: Escape from Santaland, as it blurs the line between reality and fiction. This feature film is billed as a documentary in Fantasia Film Festival's programme guide, and if so, this piece is a dark and disturbing look at a side of life in Cambodia which is not good.

Neuvonen is the protagonist of this Finnish film. He’s decided to stay at home and just chill out. But when his pals Jani and Antti disappear during their vacation to this South Asian country, he’s the first to respond when he hears they've disappeared. One of them turns up dead, perhaps a victim of suicide. Suspicious, Neuvonen travels to Thailand and Cambodia to figure out what happened. Much of this tale is seen through this narrator's eyes as he documents his investigation, and there's quite a bit of talk going on.

Everything he's recorded is a look in the mirror darkly of nearly half a nation not having a care in the world, and committing sins that would make the Greek Pandora blush. Social predators are nearly everywhere. Tourists are not safe. They are cajoled to chemical ecstasy and it's scary.

Neuvonen does get some answers to what happened to Jani, and the reveals are just as discomforting. We find people who will act out in desperation, and see others are just simply lost, hence the film's title, in the void. It's not just about the boys either, but also the girls. What viewers take from this work will be that it tries to show what's wrong. As for how all this mess can be cleaned up, the government should establish the right social programs to help people out.

Written by  Ed Sum

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