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The First Purge on Home Video!

Movie Reviews Thursday, 04 October 2018 15:52
The First Purge on Home Video!

The whole idea of this cleansing is to allow any and all crime to run rampant. This also includes letting people getting away with murder. However, there's a deeper narrative concerning riots, the KKK and hatred between the social classes. The bonus material explained all that to me, and I am grateful.

When disdain for another individual crawls under one's skin and they really want to do something about it, the wait can be long, lest they explode with such vile that control is impossible. Skeletor (no relation to the villain from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe) is the focus in this movie. He commits the first murder under this program, and with no surprise, it comes with repercussions from a family member of the victim. This film is very cat and mouse, and the thrill ride is certainly one which explores a lot of societal concerns.Just how well everyone can read into the messages is a mixed bag.

The box set is also available, and with this set of films collected together, along with the extras, a greater picture can be painted about this universe. With more story to be told, not every detail will be made available, and I am fond of director's commentaries, which is missing in this release of The First Purge.

The selling point of this latest cinematic entry is because the lovely Marisa Tomei is in it. She is the architect of this world and amusingly does not quite realize what she's done. I have hopes she will eventually appear in the network series to undo what has happened unless it's too late.

Written by  Ed Sum

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