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[VFF '13] The Future for Jackhammer and a Review Featured

Movie Reviews Friday, 15 February 2013 00:00
[VFF '13] The Future for Jackhammer and a Review

Jackhammer is one of those comedic homage movies that plies its trade well. It looks at the world of adult entertainment (male stripping) and has fun with it. The humour is at times lowbrow, and it works. The writing team crafted a very good tale about two estranged brothers not only reconnecting with each other but also with life. 

When accident-prone Julius (Guy Christie) loses his chance finding stardom in the theatre scene by raising the ire of a casting agent, Lance Selmour (Jamie Kennedy), he will have to take his act elsewhere. He looks to his brother, Jackhammer (Mike Hanus), for help. But when he is quite belligerent in his beliefs of being a stripping superstar, the story starts to center more on him than Julius. The tale turns into one huge burlesque-style comedy sketch. The tale here is not about who's on first, but who can shake it up to get to the top!

But to see the straight man (Julius) trying to play the funny man out, even more laughs are created. He's so woefully out of place, and viewers can't help but sympathize. Hanus and Christie show that they have the acting and producing talent to blow things up and out of proportion. Together, with Frederick (Jason Burkhart), they make a good comedic trio. And with cameos like Robb Wells, Pamela Anderson and Nicole Sullivan adding to the volatile mix—Sullivan’s role really needs to be seen to be believed—the concoction made will certainly tickle the funny bone. 

The chuckles are well earned in a movie created by Hanus. Although this film does have a few production and continuity flaws, they are relatively minor when considering how well the humour is executed. With Christie pulling double duty in helping to fine-tune the script with writers Duncan MacLellan, Jason Burkart and Julian Paul, this movie is a television sit-com at its core. That can lead well to turning this theatrical product into a television show.

And in an interview with for a future issue of Absolute Underground Magazine, he hinted at developing his product for the boob tube. Nothing has been green-lit yet, and should this idea take off, Hanus knows the potential his product can do to get Victoria back on the map for feature film and television production. Even without, to have a homegrown product to talk about is great.

3½ stars out of 5

Written by  Ed Sum

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