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[VFF '13] Defining crazy with Lunarcy!?

Movie Reviews Friday, 08 February 2013 18:50
[VFF '13] Defining crazy with Lunarcy!?

Lunarcy! is a quirky documentary with a great soundtrack by Christopher Sandes. It helps give this product a personality that is not only humourous but also serious. But as this film builds to a revelation, perhaps what this movie reveals last should have been mentioned first. That would have helped give this film a distinct focus than to present a series of anecdotes from people far too preoccupied with the Moon.

Either they want to go to the silvery abyss to live their own life free from society’s traditions or they are futurists postulating at what life can be like on a lunar landscape. The fact that some of the people in this documentary feel like outcasts of society only add credence to this theory.

The sad truth as for why scientists have not pushed for a return is that moon dust is magnetic. It is impossible to get off. All this grit can wreak havoc upon electronics and filtration systems that have to be built in order to support a lunar colony. Until science has developed a technique to demagnetize or sterilize the grit, any plan to return to the moon proper is stalled.

As for the personalities that are featured in this film, some of them have a charm that draws viewers in, like former astronaut turned painter Alan Bean or editor of Moon Miners' Manifesto, Peter Kokh. But Christopher Carson dominates the show. He’s likable in a nerdy kind of way, but unfortunately, to have a product mainly focused on him diminishes the overall product. To see how these individuals can connect with each other is a better idea, like in when Carson met with Bean. Sadly, the other individuals are left in the dust.

Had this movie provided the explanation why the return to the moon is delayed, then this film might have been fulfilling than left at half phase.

3.5 stars out of 5

Written by  Ed Sum

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