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A Lesson in Violence - Execution, Dressed to Kill, Mortality, Mr. Lizard

Live Reviews Monday, 20 September 2021 01:35
A Lesson in Violence - Execution, Dressed to Kill, Mortality, Mr. Lizard

A Lesson in Violence - Execution, Dressed to Kill, Mortality, Mr. Lizard

Sept 19, 2021, The Lotus Club, Tianjin, China


By Ryan Dyer


At the Lotus Club, the out of the way venue located in the far east end of Tianjin, a few lessons would be given to the metal community of the hulking sister city to Beijing. A lesson in thrash. A lesson in hard rock. A lesson in speed metal. A lesson in old school death metal. All together, it equated to a lesson in violence.

It was a day of incessant rain, which continued until the evening and carried over throughout the show. Thinking back on it in retrospect, the rainy city at night could be compared to the aesthetic of Blade Runner, which fits the 80s theme of this concert.

The soaking wet audience packed into the club and got dry enough while wetting their throats with beer in order to get ready for the show at hand. Mr. Lizard were the first to take the stage. This Tianjin band have been hitting the stages around the city for the past couple of years. The singer spent a lot of years in Australia and is heavily influenced by the likes of Metallica, but musically, they sound similar to Canadian rockers Danko Jones. They were a suitable opener for the rest of the visiting bands, who all came from Beijing.

Mortality is a new four piece band who worships at the alters of madness, bringing an old school death metal attack with nasty riffs and contaminated vocals. Like newcomers Crimson Flag or stalwarts of the scene, Ready to Die, they utilize female vocals to bring a different dynamic to brutal song structures you’ve likely heard many times before, but never get sick of.

The speed metal mania of Dressed to Kill has been revamped with a new singer, who brought a different dimension of power and dynamics to the songs recorded on their debut album Midnight Impulsion. This stop was somewhat of a homecoming, as many of DTK’s members were originally from Tianjin. A new song, “It’s Over” made an appearance tonight, which was originally written by their old singer about COVID, and reworked by the band to what it is now - a half ballad/half rocker. Other song highlights were the infectious “Midnight Comes Around,” “Rose of Kowloon,” and their anthem “Speed Metal Mania.” For fans interested in a little speed metal done with an oriental spin, pop in a Dressed to Kill tape.

Execution are the new prodigal sons of thrash in China. Their Bloodline EP is a furious slab of Bay Area thrash with enough fury to make any Vio-lence, Exodus or Slayer fan jump in the pit without any second thoughts. Their twin guitar attack brought both the beef and the beef shredder, with solos heavily influenced by Slayer (check the eagle tattoo on one of their arms). Two guitars can make the difference between Mr. America and Mr. Universe. Doing double duty tonight, the Mortality guitarist sat behind the kit for Execution, and rattled those skins like they owed him money. After playing through every song on their EP, the band brought out a surprise Metallica “Creeping Death” cover, which sent everyone home happy thrashers.

Written by  Ira Hunter
Ira Hunter

Ira Hunter

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