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Live Reviews Saturday, 18 July 2009 00:00
Slaughterfest Slaughterfest

July 18, 2009 – Rendezvous, Edmonton, AB
 - It was a dark and stormy night… and it truely was a perfect setting for the most satanic, evil metal festival to hit Alberta.

July 18, 2009 – Rendezvous, Edmonton, AB
It was a dark and stormy night… and it truely was a perfect setting for the most satanic, evil metal festival to hit Alberta.

Lithica opened the show with their brand of melodic black metal. Their subtle keyboard accents are what really made them stand out from the rest of the bill. “Their guitar riffs were extreme as hell” said Michael Scorpio(Photographer). They added a great gothic black metal tone to start out the night.

Next, Begrime Exemious hit the stage, this was my first time seeing them perform, and I was blown away by their raw energy. They had the crowd whipped into a chaotic fury in no time. Begrime Exemious is a band who’s live show is not to be missed.

I had heard much buzz about Tyrant’s Blood and dissapointed I had to miss their set while getting ready for my own show. “The new material is getting decidedly more intense and I’ve never been disappointed by one of their shows” said Sanguis Morbis(Anatolian Wisdom) of Tyrant’s Blood’s set “near the end of their set, vocalist Brian Langley pulls out a guitar and brings down the house with a thundering wall of earth-shattering sound”.

“Brutal, unstoppable metal” is how Evilglen (Dead Jesus) described their show. "I took the stage next and performed my “Burlesque from the Darkside”. I brought a special one-time extreme act for the event. I used real human blood and drank it from a giant silver chalice, then proceeded to grab a loyal minion from the audience and feed him wine poured over my feet."

luscious display of seductive dancing drenched in blood and red wine all set to the churning strains of Black Metal dripping pure fukking evil from every pore! Certainly an artist to keep your eyes peeled for” said Sanguis Morbis. “I saw the Satanic Metal Goddess, Madeleine Horn, turn every guy in the room into her obedient slave” said Caligulus Supremus(Anatolian Wisdom) of my act. When I was finally cleaned up Anatolian Wisdom had already hit the stage and what a great band to keep my stage energy flowing. “With their crazy inverted cross necklaces and grim as fuck corpse paint, it was both enjoyable to watch and even better to hear” said Michael Scorpio.

They were the epitome of everything a seasoned blackmetal fan could ask for. The entire night can be described as probably the most extreme show you could ever ask for, the only dissapointment was the poor turnout. I’m sure a lot of people are kicking themselves about missing this one.


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