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Corvus the Crow to Take Flight March 18th! CD Launch Party in Edmonton!

Album Reviews Wednesday, 09 March 2016 19:57
Corvus the Crow to Take Flight March 18th! CD Launch Party in Edmonton!

Corvus the Crow does not have to fly far as this Albertan-based heavy metal band launches their debut album, “Consumed by Flies.” This record will be available digitally through Google Play, iTunes and Spotify. In this province, hard copies can be bought at Freecloud, Blackbyrd Myoozik & Sloth Records March 18th. This band will be having a CD launch party at the Mercury Room Yeg in Edmonton on this date and there’s a few tickets left for those to get their view of this constellation getting their time on stage.

As five stars on the rise in the Albertan heavy metal scene, this album will no doubt delight fans looking for new sounds to escape to. They are a speed metal band and they have great technical skills to which opening tracks like “Strike the Match and “Familiar Enemies” are nuclear. The songs are an epiphany of thoughtful design and riff-soaring sonograms. “Drone Strike Casualities” may well imply more than current disdain over what airspace these machines can occupy. I really like this third track on the album because I’m more of a fan of songs featuring two vocalists over just one. This style of musical composition is more alluring.

For the uninitiated, this band took hold when guitarist Phil Short and Dayn Armsworthy spent years working together in developing a fantastic catalogue of material to create their music and put together a talent pool to take their tunes to the next level. The music has the potential to make space, the final frontier scream. Star Trek has plenty to fear. Drummer Dave Feil, Bassist Mason Melancholy and frontman Garrett Hannah, make up this group, and if they were to be compared to the constellation of the same name, there’s no comparison. The myth and the musicians, differ. Unlike the constellation, the band is comprised of five performers.

For budding astronomers, the lights in the sky are named Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, and Beta Corvi.

Written by  AUTV Admin
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