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Introducing Iceland’s new LEGEND in the Album "Fearless" Featured

Album Reviews Saturday, 13 April 2013 17:17
Introducing Iceland’s new LEGEND in the Album "Fearless"

An interview with Krummi Bjorgvinsson

Artoffact Records released a fascinating fusion of pop and synth sounds with LEGEND’s debut album, “Fearless” in December of last year. This release differs from other versions because it includes three bonus tracks (iTunes version) whereas the CD release will offer one. And this Icelandic band is a new project created by Krummi Bjorgvinsson, better known for his punk-rock act Mínus, and Halldor Björnsson, his vast discography is too long to list. Together, the album they created can only be described by as phantasmagorical. The symphonic allegories plays with the imagination and is worth investigating because one of the tracks plays homage to the sounds of the 80's. But at this album's core is a fusion of pre-recorded synth music with edgy live beats. For people who have seen the stage show, the performance has been described as mesmerizing.

Back home, their music is very well known, but for new listeners, what should they know about this band? Absolute Underground’s resident movie critic, Ed Sum asks about this album’s connection with the movie Legend: 

KB: You know what, we actually didn’t take the name from Ridley’s movie, but I love that movie! It was very inspiring to me when I was young. Our friend who wrote our bio just put it in there for fun, and that’s cool. It´s a cult film about a fantastical battle between darkness and light. The same theme of spiritual conflict permeates our music. The visuals in the movie are mesmerizing and beautiful. And the DARKLORD played by Tim Curry is an amazing accomplishment.

There are hundreds of movies that inspire us but it´s mainly the environment and ourselves that inspire each other. I guess our album would fit into many films and used as score, which we think is a good thing.

AU: You and Halldor Björnsson are well known back in your native country for your work, but for people elsewhere, how would you summarize the music that defined your sound?

KB: We have always been inspired by loud factory sounds and noises and experimental music. But we also love good pop songwriting. We just put those two together. I myself being a skater, hardcore punk and going to illegal raves in 90´s and Dóri growing up as a teenager in the 80´s says a lot about how we write music together.

We are also very much into film scores and epic arrangements. I think that nobody wants to be labeled as an artist but sure I understand that people need to know what kind of music they are buying.

AU: How did the title track, "Devil in Me" come about? That is, what detail has not been said about its lyrical origins?

KB: That is the first song we wrote together and is the song that kind of created this project. It was written and recorded on a cold winter night in our studio. The lyrics came to me at the same time. The song is about pressure and anxiety in this modern world. Always feeling like something is after you and walls stopping you in your tracks, and the evil things lurking in every human mind.  

AU: In your interview to Bast Magazine, you mentioned that it's been a dream to have a project that is both musical and lyrical. In your live shows, how would you translate that into visual elements?

KB: We try to look like silhouettes onstage, slightly post-apocalyptic—kind of mysterious and beautiful at the same time. It’s like putting on a lot of war paint. We want Legend to be more of a visual band as well as musical.

I always try to push the visual look of the band to the fullest. I’m always looking for some new and weird stage props, and finding new ideas to heighten the senses of our audiences. 

AU: How do you balance the work you're doing since you're involved with multiple bands, like Mínus and Esia?

KB: It can be frustrating but my brain can´t stop. To have multiple projects is good for me and it helps to make ends meet. I guess I’m an artist that likes the challenge. It can be hard when your brain doesn´t stop generating ideas for songs and art, so creating different things calms me down. 

AU: From your first single Broken Clock to the scores you've composed for the album Legend, what would you say has changed? In the evolution of your music from two years ago to now, what's your focus on now, lyric-wise?

KB: I really haven´t felt these two years go by. I guess you always get better at what your doing and I fully embrace that. I have four albums coming out this year, which is a lot so I’m very focused on finishing that with passion and ambition. Lyric wise. I’m all over the place. I´m enjoy dark poetry and that will always be a part of my style, but it depends on the content and the emotion you´re trying to convey.

AU: Do you have any future concept albums in mind that you can reveal right now?

KB: My post punk band has an album out this year, which we’ve been working on for the past two years. That’ll be our sixth album. I have an ambient album due in March; it´s a concept album about mechanical flowers and shadows you can paint away. I´m going to Nepal in a few months to record another album with all kinds of ethnic instruments and musicians, so I’m very excited about that!

AU: As for touring, which country do you plan on hitting on first?

KB: We plan on hitting Germany first then hopefully most of Europe. Canada and the USA will maybe come later this year or next year. Only time can tell. 

AU: Are there any final words you like to give to our Canadian readers?

KB: Live your life with conviction, sincerity and passion. Thank you for the love, light and support. LEGEND 

Written by  Ed Sum

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