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Saturday, 20 June 2020 23:18

Lookin for "The Cake Sale in the Sin Bin" and Where to Find It

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The Cake Sale in the Sin Bin is a sports rock compilation of four of British Columbia’s punk rock bands coming together to celebrate just that. There’s nothing better than rocking out to these tunes while playing soccer or b-ball. Well, whatever your favourite sport is–in this album’s case Roller Derby–I’m sure we can appropriate the tunes for use for other games.

Over at our self-isolating personal offices, we can’t really socially distance playing hockey. Our illustrious editor-in-chief Ira Hunter loves this sport, but until all is considered safe, we’ll be putting this album to the test elsewhere. Hockey has its specific songs, like Zombie Nation's Kernkraft 400, but how can we not want to head bang to The Poor Choices, The Tower of Dudes, The Daisy Stranglers and The Hex?

Yes, Roller Derby is a unique world. The music we hear brings out the animal, not the man-imal in us.  With different play styles ranging from good ol’ garage to accordion to “trunk” and death, it’s tough to say which one of the four songs offered stands out. It’s not fair as each band offered a tune each. They all celebrate the Skate-O-Rama theme (respectively) “Roller Girl,” “Derby Darling,” “Don’t Hate,” and “Upsey-Crazy.”

If I had to choose, I’m leading on the Tower of Dudes lest they topple. Okay, terrible joke–but The Hex can certainly smash it and their song closes off this maxi-mini single release well.

To find this album, please visit (in Victoria) Ditch Records, Vinyl Envy and Cavity Curiosity Shop. In Nanaimo, please hit up Fascinating Rhythm!


Blood on Black Wax: Horror Soundtracks on Vinyl is available to order on Amazon USA

A look back at nearly all the music from the greatest horror cinema classics will be released on May 13th, 2019! No, we are not talking about a rerelease of all these tunes, but instead, we will get an opening of a time capsule which looks at the unique history and artwork of these works. Blood on Black Wax: Horror Soundtracks on Vinyl will get multiple releases too. The core product, a hardbound, full-color, 240-page book spotlights the intricate (and often rare) artwork on the LP sleeves, as well as album reviews, release details, and wild backstories.

Jeff Szpirglas is the guy with the long last name who reviews albums and old movies for Rue Morgue Magazine, and the list does not end there. He's written many books for young readers and is a second-grade full-time teacher. This vocation puts him in an interesting position should he decide to demonstrate his love for horror to impressionable minds. Aaron Lupton os the music editor for the said magazine and is a passionate and nerdy collector of horror soundtrack LPs. He also is the co-host of From My Parents Basement podcast with Eric Gaudet and Gary Pullin.

In what prompted the decision to create this book was when Szpirglas approached Aaron about putting together a special edition digest issue of the magazine focusing specifically on horror soundtracks. At the time, Rue Morgue had been releasing special editions on subjects ranging from horror collectables to Canadian horror, and he felt that a soundtrack book was a no-brainer. In his own words, "So much of what makes these films effective often comes from sound and music working in conjunction with the images and the rhythms of editing."

Tuesday, 19 June 2018 15:23

CVLT Nation Streams FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY's Warmech!

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Front Line Assembly is streaming the full WarMech album today with media partner Cvlt Nation. You can stream the FULL album here.

Front Line Assembly founder Bill Leeb is joined on WarMech by Jared Slingerland, Sasha Keevil, Craig Johnsen, and the late-great Jeremy Inkel on a tour de force 12-track full-length album that is as much electronic masterpiece as it is a game soundtrack gold join head of arsenal Bill Leeb. WarMech ranges from industrial to ambient to techno, and will blow the minds of fans of the earlier AirMech soundtrack, as well as long-time fans of Front Line Assembly.

The album will be released on June 22 via Toronto-based Artoffact Records. A double vinyl, including black and greasy-mess versions follows in August, just in time for the band's European tour. The vinyl comes in a gatefold sleeve designed exclusively by Dave McKean, and you also get a collectable, branded download card. CD digipak version also available.

AirMech Wastelands expands the AirMech universe through experiencing the journey from a scavenger to a commander in the war against the machines. After global conflict erased countries and borders, automated armies continued their mission by restoring production of WarMechs to finish their directive.

Front Line Assembly will be on the road this August and September in Europe with Die Krupps. As they return to North America, the band will be performing at all three Cold Waves Festival in NYC, Chicago and LA!

Front Line Assembly LIVE 2018

August 18 - Amougies, BE @ W-2 Festival
August 19 - London, UK @ o2 Academy 
August 20 - Paris, FR @ La Machine
August 21 - Utrecht, NL @ De Helling
August 22 - Krefeld, DE @ KuFa Krefeld
August 24 - Gothenburg, SE @ Truck Stop
August 25 - Stockholm, SE @ Klubben
August 29 - Wroclaw, PL @ Stary Klasztor
August 30 - Prague, CZ @ Lucerna Music Bar
August 31 - Budapest, HU @ A38

September 01 - Bratislava, SK @ Majestic Music Club
September 02 - Vienna, AU @ Viper Room
September 04 - Munich, DE @ Backstage Halle
September 08 - Nu-Ulm, DE @ Volle Kraft Voraus Festival 
September 15 - New York, NY @ Gramercy Theater
September 23 - Chicago, IL @ Metro
September 29 - Los Angeles, CA @ 1720 

Corvus the Crow does not have to fly far as this Albertan-based heavy metal band launches their debut album, “Consumed by Flies.” This record will be available digitally through Google Play, iTunes and Spotify. In this province, hard copies can be bought at Freecloud, Blackbyrd Myoozik & Sloth Records March 18th. This band will be having a CD launch party at the Mercury Room Yeg in Edmonton on this date and there’s a few tickets left for those to get their view of this constellation getting their time on stage.

Monday, 24 February 2014 00:00

Tower of Dudes' Make Your Own Culture

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Gypsy Punk may not be a concept everyone is familiar with and the band Tower of Dudes will soon release an aptly titled third album, Make Your Own Culture, to help define it for the masses. In fact, some listeners may well have to examine for themselves to see how these two cultural worlds work together. The history lessons offers some interesting perspectives, and listeners can hear for themselves what this sound is all about when this album releases in March 2014.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013 16:47

Exploding Boy "Four" will Hit the Roof! A Review

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New listeners of The Exploding Boy's music may well find their music spiritually charged. Their album, Four is due out by Artoffact Records on November 5th, and their music is influenced by bands like Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division and Bauhaus. When listening to the tracks from this newest album, perhaps there is more influence from The Cure than any other. Their sound is infectious. The rhythms are hypnotic--with a light tinge of the goth aesthetic--and it can easily be played for hours at a café, perhaps even to invite in visitors inquiring as to who this group is.

Johan Sjöblom (vocals, acoustic guitar), Lars “Les” Andersson (lead guitar), Stefan Axell (vocals, electric guitar), Nick Isgren (keyboards) on form this melodic team. As The Exploding Boy, they have been at the big European festivals like Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Blackfield, Nordstern, and Summer Darkness. Their first North American show took place at last year's News Years's Eve celebrations at Time Square, and they may well take America by storm if this album is any indication.

And their recognition is due to hit the charts in more ways than one. Four is a very accessible album. The tracks are edgy, melodic and varied. The blend of hard edged guitar with synth-pop is familiar. The sound is tailored to achieve mainstream success and this band is well on its way to achieving that kind of recognition. The single "Dark City (Part 2.)" is produced by Johan Edlund (Tiamat) and its music video is a shining example of a cleverly suggestive narrative. The contrasts are certainly well laid out. When the video is shot to feature decrepit warehouses, a femme fatale, a city of neon lights and a red rose, there is a metaphor being made than fans will have to figure out.

Lyrically, the fun tracks to listen to are "Street Cliché," "Going to Hell" and "Runaways." A persuasive theme may well be part of what this album is about.

And listeners can decipher this band's messages when Four releases in a few weeks.

Monday, 01 July 2013 00:00

Agent Side Grinder "Hardware," An Album Review

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Agent Side Grinder's latest release, a double-album titled “Hardware,” has all the vibe from the late 70's being deconstructed. The echoes, beats and resonance just wants to get the body moving once those headphones are plugged in. And for old timers like me who hail from a different era, this is one album that I can really get into.

The titular track, "Wolf Hour" (featuring Henric de la Cour) is perhaps my most favourite. The images that form in my mind are like that of an escapist fleeing down a metal forest. All anyone can hear is the resonance. The mechanical drumbeats suggest that there may well be robotic beasts stalking me, and I can hear them pacing.

Singer-songwriter Kristoffer Grip provides melodies that are very accessible to listeners who enjoy a broad spectrum of musical themes--from electronic to soul—and to hear "Rip Me" is very reminiscent to something I could hear on my old Commodore 64. Yeah, I'm that old, but when the album cover features a computer from the mid 70's and a monitor that's just as equally ancient (showing a sine wave no less), I can not help but think of some of those old video games I enjoyed playing. Remember Pong?

Retro gaming is a go-go, and I enjoyed this hobby while the punk rock movement was coming of age. The track "Die to Live" is an excellent song dedicated to counter culture. Listeners just have to very slowly absorb the words that Grip is making. I can listen to Agent Side Grinder and early Blondie at the same time. But the 80's was just as significant to influencing the sounds found in this album. Depeche Mode is definitely an influence in a few of the tracks, especially with the song "Look Within." 

But with certain albums, the music has to be absorbed into the body and soul in order to be appreciated. This CD release by Artoffact Records certainly does just that. This 23-track album contains 13 original songs and 10 remixes, and is available for purchase as your usual online music outlets.

Saturday, 13 April 2013 17:17

Introducing Iceland’s new LEGEND in the Album "Fearless"

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An interview with Krummi Bjorgvinsson

Artoffact Records released a fascinating fusion of pop and synth sounds with LEGEND’s debut album, “Fearless” in December of last year. This release differs from other versions because it includes three bonus tracks (iTunes version) whereas the CD release will offer one. And this Icelandic band is a new project created by Krummi Bjorgvinsson, better known for his punk-rock act Mínus, and Halldor Björnsson, his vast discography is too long to list. Together, the album they created can only be described by as phantasmagorical. The symphonic allegories plays with the imagination and is worth investigating because one of the tracks plays homage to the sounds of the 80's. But at this album's core is a fusion of pre-recorded synth music with edgy live beats. For people who have seen the stage show, the performance has been described as mesmerizing.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010 00:00

NOFX - Coaster

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NOFX - Coaster
 - Let’s see here, Nofx can still play their instruments, and they definitely still have a great sense of humour, though possibly greater (or worse) than everyone else’s. Nofx are not a bunch of old punkers who simply write about things that happened 20 years ago. Sure, they may comment on things that were popular 20 years ago, that aren’t anymore. And they might follow a formula when it comes to their music, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t aware of the world around them.

Sunday, 21 November 2010 06:35

Teenage Bottlerocket – They Came From The Shadows

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Teenage Bottlerocket – They Came From The Shadows
 - Teenage Bottlerocket does not suffer from pretensions of trying to be original. They know what they are good at, and they do it damn well. You need not even listen to their music to know this. They have had the same album cover for all four of their full length albums, they know that their skull and crossrockets logo is rad!

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