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AU Vol. 5–3 Issue 27

Volume 5 Thursday, 01 April 2010 11:01
AU Cover - Issue 27Another April, and for the fourth spring in a row, a mutated issue of Absolute Underground Magazine rises from the dead, just like Jesus. Um, actually, doesn’t that make him a zombie? Maybe we are all zombies and we just don’t know it. But instead of wanting brains we want money, but there isn’t any. So does that mean we all have no brains and no money? Things to ponder for next time!

In This Issue: 
  • SxSW in Austin, Texas
  • EVIL DEAD: The Musical
  • Interview with Sam Dunn
  • Album Reviews
  • Live Show Reviews
  • DVD Reviews
...and more!
icon Absolute Underground Vol. 5 – #3 Issue 27 (27.46 MB)
Written by  Ira Hunter
Ira Hunter

Ira Hunter

Ira's bio coming online shortly!

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