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Volume 5

AU Cover - Issue 29Epic Epicness Issue!!! Our 5th Anniversary Issue featuring MANOWAR vs GWAR vs THOR vs DETHKLOK!
  • Ballgag N’ Chaingang
  • The Ramores
  • Propagandhi
  • Zombie Walk
  • Fangoria’s New York Weekend of Horrors 
AU Cover - Issue 29The Festival Issue featuring Hellfest  & Graspop a Metal Meeting - exclusive festival interviews include Down, Mastadon, Behemoth, Suicidal Tendencies, Fuel Girls, Orange Goblin, Sacred Reich.
AU Cover - Issue 25Absolute Underground brings the year to an end with a Best of 2008 issue. The year ends with this issue but also starts the new year off with a review of 2008.

So go out and grab a copy & learn to read! And if you can’t find one you can download it here.

AU Cover - Issue 26We’ve done it again! We’ve created another issue while surviving the 11th Annual Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas. During our 4 days of pure punk rock bowling bliss we managed to interview Black Fag, Dead Jesus, Guilty by Association, JFA and more…
AU Cover - Issue 27Another April, and for the fourth spring in a row, a mutated issue of Absolute Underground Magazine rises from the dead, just like Jesus. Um, actually, doesn’t that make him a zombie? Maybe we are all zombies and we just don’t know it. But instead of wanting brains we want money, but there isn’t any. So does that mean we all have no brains and no money? Things to ponder for next time!
AU Cover - Issue 28Another issue of mayhem & chaos brought to by Absolute Underground. So go out and grab a copy & learn to read! And if you can’t find one you can download it here:

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