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AU Vol. 18–1 Issue 103

Volume 17 Wednesday, 01 December 2021 00:00
AU Vol. 18–1 Issue 103 AU Vol. 18–1 Issue 103

Absolute Underground #103 – A Fully Crazed Xmas Issue featuring festive interviews with Twisted Sister, The Vandals, Descendents, Good Riddance, Hawkwind, and L.A. Guns.


Also In This Issue:


Shot Caller

Brady Tighe -

Russ Rankin - Only Crime



Depleted Uranium

Thrash La Reine

Blast From The Past - Loverboy - Bryan Adams

Powder Seekers - Ross Rebagliati 

Influence Boardshop

Bbam! Gallery

Dave Brock


Steve Johnson

Bishops Green


Tent City

Josh Freese - Devo

Hard Charger

The Blasting Room

Bill Stevenson

The Cretin Speaks - Dayglo Abortions

Fully Crazed

Twisted Business - Jay Jay French

Mick Rock Memorial

The Professionals

Diableries - Stereoscopic Adventures In Hell

The Buzzers

The Old Limp Dicks

A Filthy Lot

The Filthy Radicals

Cannabis Corner - Xmas Mushrooms

Getting High To Survive

Supreme Echo - Kradle

Absolute Subculture – OG Punk

Absolute Horror

DNR - Do Not Resuscitate - Do Not Read


Fallen Soldiers – R.I.P. Eric Greif

Hank Von Hell Memorial

Made In BC Health Order Hurting Venues


 icon  Absolute Underground Vol. 17–7 Issue 103 (30.5 MB)

Written by  Ira Hunter
Ira Hunter

Ira Hunter

Ira's bio coming online shortly!

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