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Volume 14

Absolute Underground #84 - Halloween Issue! Featuring horror icon interviews from Calgary Horror Con with PJ Soles, CJ Graham, Ken Foree, Tiffany Shepis, James Remar, John Jarratt, George P Wilbur, and David Naughton.

Also in this issue:

  • Deathtime
  • Turbo vixen
  • Nightseeker
  • Striker
  • Gutter Demons
  • Cleve Hall - Monster Man
  • Zimmers Hole
  • Michale Graves 
  • Randy Rampage Memorial
  • Revocation
  • Stiff Little Fingers
  • Knuckleball

Absolute Underground # 83 featuring an interview with Twisted Sister's Dee Snider discussing his latest solo release For The Love of Metal. We also catch up with wrestling legend Mick Foley.

Also in this issue:

The Damned interview with Captain Sensible
Kobra and the Lotus
KEN mode
Tristan Risk
Dragonlord interview with Eric Peterson
Social Distortion

Absolute Underground # 82 - Punk Rock Bowling issue featuring Suicidal Tendencies, Zero Boys, Agnostic Front, Angelic Upstarts, Steve Ignorant of Crass, Old Firm Casuals, Grindline, The Faction, and GBH. We also feature an in-depth Slayer retrospective.


Also in this issue:


  • Euthanized
  • Roadrash
  • Vile Insignia
  • Return of the Leech
  • Chernobyl Wolves
  • Godfathers of Hardcore Movie
  • Anthrax
  • The Stiffs 1978

Absolute Underground #81 - 420 Issue featuring interviews with Hashteroid, Brant Bjork, Dopethrone and Sasquatch. We also talk to The Dwarves, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, Ross “The Boss” Friedman, Burn The Priest, and Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

Also in this issue:

  • Rival Gang
  • Widow’s Peak
  • Shallow End
  • Bloodshot Dawn
  • Kvelertak
  • Heron
  • Titty Titty Bong Bong Burlesque
  • The Penske File
  • Urn
  • Vendetta
  • Exits


Absolute Underground #80 - Featuring interviews with Mac Sabbath and Galactic Empire. We also talk to Black Wizard, The Vibrators, Cory Bowles, and Danielle Harris.

Also in this issue:

  • Crom/Dam
  • Empress
  • Trev Kill 
  • The Von Rebels
  • Royal Thunder
  • SNFU
  • Nailbomb
  • Dreadnoughts
  • Awkward AC
  • Just Cause 
  • Art Godoy

Absolute Underground #79 - Punk Rock XXX-Mas Issue! featuring Angry Snowmans, Figgy and the Scrooges, The Adicts, and Dead Kennedys. We also check in with Deaner from FUBAR.

Also in this issue:

No Heart
Dead Asylum
The Smugglers
Rebel Priest

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