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Thursday, 08 June 2017 10:07

HELLYEAH - Interview

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 Absolute Underground: Hello out there, who are we talking to? Where are you? Set the scene for us.

 Hey it's Kyle Sanders.  Enjoying a nice day off in Boise Idaho.... actually headed to a private outdoor shooting range to blow some shit up and let off some steam!!

 AU:You're set to tour Canada and the US for the summer. What are you most looking forward to, and what are your goals for the tour?

It's a pretty exciting time. Love Falls is making a huge impact at radio and our fans are crazier than ever. Really looking forward to hitting Vancouver.  

 AU:Everyone in the band comes from other established metal bands with distinct sounds. How do you find the HELLYEAH sound and separate that from other projects? What do you describe as the HELLYEAH sound?

 The band is really back to the roots where we all came from. Heavy music. The band is more focused and more driven than ever before.  We write the music we love and it translates great to our fans....new and old. 

 AU: Thematically, what is the latest record “UNDEN!ABLE” about for you? What inspires you about the record?

 This is actually the first record where this line up all contributed to and it shows.  This record means a lot to us all....Blood for Blood really turned a corner for the band so to follow that up wasn't easy, but it seemed to come pretty naturally.  Now we're starting to think about the next one. 

 AU:What music is on your workout playlist right now? What gets you stoked?

 Funny you ask.....I just left the gym before heading to the range. Today it was Mastodon, Maiden, Sabbath, Kyng, and Clutch!

 AU: The band has ties with Dallas, TX via Vinnie Paul. Do you have a good hockey adventure story with the Dallas Stars for us? Also, who is your favourite player of all time and why?

 Yeah it's fun going to Stars games with VP. There's of course the crazy story of the Stanley Cup and Vinnie Paul but I can't go into that. Haha!!  

I grew up on Atlanta and remember going to Flames games with my dad and have some great memories when I was really young. I always liked Dan Bouchard. 

 AU: On your previous two tours you've been out with In Flames and KORN. What did you learn from each band on the road?

 It's always cool to tour with other bands and see how they operate. Everyone has their own methods and routines. There's always room for learning. Making your camp on point and running smoothly. But mainly it's about respect for other bands...weather you like them or not.  I am a fan of both those bands so it was a great time. 

 AU: Who do want to play with most live, and why?

 I love old school metal so Metallica, Priest , Maiden I love.  I really dig the Deftones and Gojira as well. 

 AU: Last words to Canadian metalheads out there:

Other than crossing that damn border we love Canada. You guys are some of the most passionate crazed fans out there.  We really hope to put together a full run West to East. Hopefully that will happen soon. Canada rules!!!







MONDAY, JUNE 12, 2017


Doors: 7:00PM Show: 8:00PM

Tuesday, 11 April 2017 16:52

Interview: John Joseph of Cro-Mags

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Interview with John Joseph

By Stepan Soroka

The Cro-Mags need no introduction. 30 years ago this year, the New York hardcore legends released The Age of Quarrel, one of the greatest punk rock albums ever recorded. To celebrate, frontman John Joseph McGowan is hitting the road with a Cro-Mags lineup consisting of original Age of Quarrel drummer Max Mackie, bassist Craig Scully and guitarist AJ Novello of fellow NYHC alumni Leeway. We called John Joseph at his home in New York to talk about the album’s legacy, his new band Bloodclot, competing in Iron Man, and who holds the title for greatest hardcore band of all time.

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