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Filthy Parties are Bringing the Obscene and Extreme to China 

By Ryan Dyer 


Disciples of gore, grind, smut, porn and all things found in the sex shops or the sewer are finding their chapels at concerts put on by Chinese goregrind heroes Rectal Wench. The Beijing band has brought out the best in people - at their concerts named Filthy Parties, people dress in wild costumes - you may see a banana or a Pikachu throwing down in the mosh pit or grinding on stage before they get too sweaty and apt to just take it all off and get up to some naughty business.  

On stage is a toilet throne which the band or audience members sit on occasionally, while blow up sex dolls, blow up sex aliens (with alien fucker written across their chests) and dildos of all shapes and sizes are swung around, used as pseudo weapons or even dry humped by the band and audience members throughout the performances. The scene afterwards is like a crime scene of murdered blow-up dolls and aliens, who sadly couldn’t make it to the Filthy after-party. 

Published in AUM Aug/Sept Issue of Comic-Geddon

There’s a new Canadian talent to keep an eye out on, and Apricity is the word. Her love for musical theatre speaks about her style. Her experience of working in front of a camera during her days as a television presenter in Scotland translates well past the MTV generation.

After moving to Canada and meeting Toronto-based Juno-nominated and platinum awarded music producer Thomas McKay, they worked on developing a style and have a brand that works. In an interview by Jenna Melanson for CanadianBeats.ca, she said, “My stage name is taken from an old English word which means 'basking in the winter sun,'” which I thought was very appropriate for a Canadian artist.

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